Franciscan missionaries provide hope for the poorest and most vulnerable in God’s kingdom: the world’s children. In the missions, the Franciscans care for neglected and abandoned children by providing them with shelter, food, clothing, medical care and an education.

In many remote areas, there is a lack of running water and electricity. Those who are able must walk daily to a local bore hole to collect water and carry it back to the orphanage. The lack of a well water system and medical and educational costs are just some of the challenges faced by the missionaries.

For children served by the Franciscans, orphanages are a place of hope—in parts of the world where hope is precious and rare. These children blossom once they feel true love and acceptance at one of our Franciscan orphanages.

Please consider making a gift today. Your gift makes a difference in the life of a child now and is a beacon of hope for the future.

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