In many places around the world, children try to learn in dilapidated schools or under a tree. Schools in local villages are often constructed of sticks and mud, libraries do not exist, and supplies are scarce. Several grades often squeeze into one classroom with only one teacher because of lack of funds and educational materials.

Franciscan missionaries foster the education of children in every way possible, because the fruits of education are human development, peace, and understanding among people. Education makes it possible for youth to find their place in society and achieve a better future.

A gift of $20,000 provides for the cost of materials and labor. Where possible, local workers are hired for the construction to offer the people a sense of ownership and a means to support their families. When the school is completed, children from as far as 20 km away will attend and their gratitude is overwhelming. The gift of a school gives children a formal place to learn and their families hope for the future.

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  • Franciscan elementary school in India
  • Elementary school students in Franciscan Mission India

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