A place to call ‘home.’ It is a basic need. Yet, in developing countries many parents living in extreme poverty can barely provide food for their children. Four walls and a roof over their heads is often beyond reach.

Franciscan missionaries work tirelessly around the world providing housing for families who lack the means to provide for themselves. Thanks to the prayers and generosity of benefactors, a simple home can be constructed of mud, wood or cement. Recipients of houses are selected by the Franciscan missionaries based on extreme level of poverty.

The cost to build simple housing varies by country. A mud house can cost up to $1,000 (USD) and a simple wood house up to $2,000 (USD). A house constructed of cement costs as much as $12,000 (USD). The Franciscan missions employ local people for the construction. The families that receive these wonderful gifts share with us their extreme gratitude and hope for the future.

Please consider making a gift today. Your donation provides safe shelter for a family, enhances their quality of life and restores their dignity.

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  • two mud brick houses in Africa
  • White Block house in Gospad India
  • Block house compound in Gospad, India
  • Fr. Ponciano points to a new home built recently on Isla Isabela, Galapagos Islands, Ecuador

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