MISSIONARY WORK – Thinking Outside the Box

Thank you for your letter and for your interest in our missionary work. I have been a missionary in Africa for the past 27 years. What I like most about my work as a missionary is [...]

One Way to Say, Thank You for Education

The great success of African students from St. Francis Secondary School in the Franciscan mission in remote Kenya. Yes, we can do it! This is the shortest way to express the success of our students, [...]

Success in Rwanda

I began my missionary work in Africa 27 years ago. The first 13 years in Uganda and the last 14 years in Kivumu, Rwanda. I worked in Rushooka, Uganda with Fr. Teofil Czarniak. I remember [...]

The Making of a Franciscan Missionary Part 3: Educating in Africa

In developed countries, education is a fundamental path to prosperity. Children are required to attend primary and secondary school. In the United States many children attend public or private schools or some are home schooled. [...]

The Making of a Franciscan Missionary – Part 2: Malaria and Me

Living in developed countries, such as the United States, we don’t have exposure to tropical diseases like malaria. As a missionary, you must take it under consideration because you cannot totally avoid it. I put [...]

A Day Off in Yangon, Myanmar

After teaching all week, I relaxed on the weekend by visiting locations around the area. A few of us friars had planned an outing to visit a wildlife sanctuary in Moeyingyi, about four hours north [...]

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