Return To Me With Your Whole Heart

Franciscan Novitiate House - DaLat, Vietnam I find it interesting that here in Vietnam the ashes are not placed on the foreheads of the people but rather on top of their heads (in their hair, for [...]

A Time To Celebrate

Franciscan Novitate House - Dalat, Vietnam The Feast Day of St. Joseph is celebrated in a most wonderful way among the Vietnamese Catholic community. He is the patron saint of the country and his patronage is [...]

Home At Last!

February 13, 2017 Franciscan Novitiate House DaLat, Vietnam I arrived at the DaLat airport around 9:00 P.M. on Sunday evening and I was embraced by a cool 55 degree fresh mountain breeze. What a welcome [...]

The Making of a Franciscan Missionary

Growing up in Kalwaria - Zebrzydowska, Poland, I was spiritually influenced by the Franciscans. While living only a kilometer from one of Poland’s religious centers, the Sanctuary of Our Lady, I experienced the power of [...]

Hello, Goodbye, Hello

Week One: Wednesday — January 25, 2017 Franciscan Formation House Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea The past nine days have been filled with approximately forty hours of flying. My convoluted itinerary included Albuquerque, Dallas, Hong [...]

Shelter me in the shadow of your wings

Do you remember playing Hide and Seek as a child? Hide and Seek was no kids’ game for the little ones trapped in Aleppo, Syria recently – it was a matter of life and death, [...]

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