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"I have come to light a fire...

...on the earth. How I wish the blaze were ignited." (Lk 1: 49,50) . The fire that occured at the Mission Office in Waterford, Wisconsin August 4 was not what Christ had in mind. No one was hurt, but the damage is extensive. >>Read the details.


Dear Friend and Benefactor,

When you hold money in your hands, do you ever wonder where it has been before coming to you? There's a story in every coin or dollar bill in circulation. And, if money could talk, it would have to thank God for all the good that has been done with it, but also, it would need to ask for forgiveness for all the evil and harm it has caused.

Jesus said, "where your money is, there also is your heart." As you give your money to the Franciscan missions, we know that you are also giving your heart. With your heart, you are reaching out, just as Jesus did to those in need. Your money - large amounts or small -- and Mass stipends of $10 or more, provides shelter, medicine, clothing, food, and other life-supporting gifts to the poorest of the poor in developing countries.

Executive Director Appointed

It was announced by the General Minister of the Franciscan Order, Fr. Michael Perry, that Fr. Teofil Czarniak, OFM, has been appointed the Executive Director of Franciscan Missions, Inc, in Waterford, Wisconsin.





Be thankful that you have financial resources. But, also be mindful of those who have none. In most circustances, without any money survival is impossible. Because of you, people have survived. And because of you, many more will.

May God bless your heart, for He know where it is.
Fr. Teofil Czarniak, OFM
Executive Director

Syria Appeal 2016

This short movie (1:24) speaks about the humanitarian crisis in Syria. We have launched a nation-wide appeal to help the most needy through the hands of our Friars working in Syria. Help us to make difference. Donate!

Meet our Missionaries

Enjoy a three-minute video featuring many photographs of the work our missionaries are doing in Uganda. Click here to view this fast-paced presentation.

Prayer is power. Franciscan Missions is honored to pray with you for your special needs and those of your friends and relatives. We enthusiastically accept your Mass Intentions and Prayer Requests.

Let's stay in touch. Let' s do it!

We are most grateful for your suggestions to better help our Franciscan Missionaries. Feel free to contact us with your ideas and suggestions. >>More